Gathering Place

Recipient: Burns Lake Band
Amount: 34979
Date: 2005-02-16
Areas: Burns Lake and Southside
Sectors: Planning
Strategy: Planning and Research
Description: The Burns Lake Band has taken possession of the old high school in Burns Lake and has begun phase one renovations. In March 2004, the Band was unsuccessful in its application for assistance with renovations. This project, which includes the development of a business plan and completion of the engineering studies, will help the Burns Lake Band clarify feasibility and remove barriers to project completion. Burns Lake Band and NKDF will each fund 50% of the costs for this project.

The Nechako Kitamaat Development Fund Society came to our aid and assisted us with the cost of installing a fire suppression sprinkler system in one of our seniors’ housing complexes in Burns Lake. The funds...

~Lakes District Senior Citizen Housing Association