Haisla Construction

Recipient: Kitamaat Village Council
Amount: 69237
Date: 2007-03-27
Areas: Kitamaat
Sectors: Business Development
Strategy: Community Infrastructure
Description: Kitamaat Village Council (KVC) plans to start a band-owned construction business to serve clients in Kitamaat Village and the greater Kitimat area. The purpose of the business is to: a) create meaningful employment opportunity for Haisla band members, and b) provide surpluses to KVC to use for sustainable capacity development, and c) serve as a demonstration project to model a business success for the community. The business will provide the following services: renovation and construction of earth-based structures, basements, drain tile and septic systems, retaining walls, driveways and ditching, culverts, and general site remediation. NKDF funding is to assist with the purchase of the needed equipment for the project. A key to this approval was the proponents commitment to invest any surpluses back into capacity building for Haisla Band members.

To the Board Members of the Nechako Kitamaat Development Fund Society, On behalf of the Burns Lake Mountain Biking Association (BLMBA) it is an honour to have this opportunity to try to articulate adequately what...

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