Hospital Point Site Clearing

Recipient: Southside Seniors Housing Society
Amount: 15000
Date: 2012-12-11
Areas: Burns Lake and Southside
Sectors: Community Infrastructure
Strategy: Planning and Research
Description: Southside Seniors Housing Society (SSHS) is building an independent housing facility at Hospital Point, Southbank BC. Through a previous NKDF grant, the proponent successfully completed the land, geotechnical, and topographical survey, which showed Hospital Point as an ideal building site for the senior housing facility. In this phase of the project, SSHS will hire contractors to clear and prepare the site and upgrade the existing road. This will involve the clearing and removal of trees and bushes as well as leveling the building site.
Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society

In 2013 NKDF provided seed capital to fund an Accessibility Audit of what would be required to develop the Lakes Outdoor Recreation area as an accessible region in northern British Columbia. It proved that people with...

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