Social Enterprise Development

Recipient: Stellat'en First Nation
Amount: 17698
Date: 2011-05-27
Areas: Fort Fraser - Fraser Lake
Sectors: Capacity Building
Strategy: Human Development
Description: Elders, especially women of Stellat'en First Nation, have identified this project as one that will steer the community to supporting small cottage industries to promote economic development. The goal is to revamp the traditional community small scale/cottage business network system where household food and household supplies were predominantly secured within or close to each community. The general goal of this economic development social enterprise is to increase the Stellat'en community garden vegetable production to generate revenue. Revenue from the sales of produce will be used to finance small scale cottage industries in Stellat'en First Nation. The proposed is a pilot project with potential for replication in other First Nations and rural communities.
Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society

In 2013 NKDF provided seed capital to fund an Accessibility Audit of what would be required to develop the Lakes Outdoor Recreation area as an accessible region in northern British Columbia. It proved that people with...

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