Under $5,000 Grant Program

For project funding requests under $5,000.00 NKDFS will consider proposals and make funding decisions between scheduled Board Meetings. This means applicants seeking amounts under $5,000.00 can submit proposals anytime, and expect timely decisions from the NKDFS Board.

The total project value can be over $5,000.00, it is only the funding request of NKDFS that must be $5,000.00 or less to be considered between Board meetings.

While proposals for requests under $5,000.00 are accepted on a continuous intake basis, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please submit your application and all supporting documentation a minimum of 30 days prior to your planned project start date. This will ensure that Directors have adequate time to consider the request.
  • At the discretion of the Manager and/or Chair any application may be held for consideration at the next scheduled Board meeting.
  • An Initial Project Concept must be provided to the Manager in advance of application submission in order to verify project eligibility.
  • Projects must meet NKDFS criteria for be eligible for funding.
  • Projects will follow the reporting guidelines of larger projects, which include: submitting a final report, all receipts/invoices and providing recognition of funding.

Step 1: Phone or e-mail the Manager to verify the eligibility of your project and provide an Initial Project Concept.

Step 2: Prepare the application using the template provided at the Application Forms page. If needed, ask the Manager for assistance.

Step 3: Submit your application to the Society. Your application should include the following:

  • Application (.pdf format)
  • Supporting documents (word or .pdf format)

Electronic submissions are preferred; please email your application and accompanying documents to  If you are not able to submit your application digitally, we will accept it in printed format by regular mail. Please do not use couriers.

The Manager will email or call to confirm receipt of your application. If you haven’t received confirmation of receipt within 2 days of sending your application, please call our office to ensure that we received it.

Step 4: The Manager will review your application and ask for additional information until it is complete.

Step 5: After Directors have considered your application, The Manager will contact you by phone with the funding decision, with a letter by mail to follow.

The Fraser Lake & Area Menshed Society we feel has been a great success, largely due to the grant for our shop addition from the NKDF. Without the grant we would not have had the courage to proceed with its...

~Fraser Lake & Area Menshed Society