Northern Economic Forum

Recipient: CFDC Fraser Ft. George
Amount: 1500
Date: 2006-09-08
Areas: Regional
Sectors: Capacity Building
Strategy: Planning and Research
Description: The purpose of the Northern Economic Forum 2006 was to put the most current industry specific, sectorial, and regional information in front of community/economic development practitioners in Northern BC. The two-day Forum took place in September 2006, attracting well over the anticipated 85 attendees, which included CED practitioners throughout the region and all of northern BC. NKDF contributed funding assistance toward facilitation and scribe costs for the event.
Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society

In 2013 NKDF provided seed capital to fund an Accessibility Audit of what would be required to develop the Lakes Outdoor Recreation area as an accessible region in northern British Columbia. It proved that people with...

~Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society