Stearns Creek Canyon Trail

Recipient: Burns Lake Mountain Biking Association
Amount: 22500
Date: 2012-01-26
Areas: Burns Lake and Southside
Sectors: Community Infrastructure
Strategy: Tourism-Recreational Infrastructure
Description: Burns Lake Mountain Biking Association (BLMBA), a past recipient of NKDF funding, plans to construct the Stearns Creek Canyon Trail, linking the Bike Part to the Stearns Creek Canyon and the top of Boer Mountain (and an existing network of trails). This application is for assistance with completion of Phase 2 and 3. Phase 2 will link the east end of Long Lake to the Stearns Creek Canyon. Phase 3 will link Stearns Creek Canyon to the top of Boer Mountain. The creation of this portion of the Stearns Creek Canyon Trail will create new trail infrastructure to challenge both locals and visitors. The trail will be built according to Whistler Trail Standards, which is the accepted standard for Recreation Sites and Trails BC authorized trails.

Well, this success story throws back a little bit. We started planning for the expansion at the Burns Lake Public Library in the early 2000's. It was an ambitious project - double the size of the library!! The board...

~Burns Lake Public Library